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Still Not Convinced? Here's Why We're the #1 Choice in Monmouth County! 
Life is hard. 

No matter what season in life you find yourself in, the modern world pulls you in many different directions. Whether it is school, children, work, or other obligations, we are all busy. 

When we prioritize these obligations, often the first thing we let go is our fitness and health. 

We’ve all been there. Picture working a long day then coming home to feed the kids and then gathering the motivation to go to your typical gym. You walk in and swipe your key card. The person working behind the desk doesn’t even acknowledge your existence. You then look around, and the gym is packed with people. It is, after all, 7:00pm, prime time. 

You look left and right and “great, all the treadmills are being used.” 

You try to think about what to do next and you are just not sure. So, you walk over the dumbbell rack and do a few sets of half-hearted bicep curls. 

You then do a few squats with a dumbbell, like you saw that really fit girl do last week. 

Out of the corner of your eye you notice two teenage guys in tank tops staring at you with each squat you do, and you feel self conscious. You didn’t go there to be ogled. So, you shake your head, and walk somewhere else. 

After a half hour of ignoring the world around you, you find an unoccupied treadmill and walk for 20 minutes. You feel accomplished because for the last 5 minutes you had the incline higher than it’s ever been. 

You never lose your breath, but it’s now 8:15 and you have to get home. You get home and you are starving. You say to yourself, “I know I shouldn’t eat those munchkins that the kids brought home from school, but you aren’t sure what to eat after you workout because no one at the gym has ever spoken to you about it. 

This continues off and on for years. You try to get to the gym three times a week, and sometimes you do. But, there are often periods when you don’t get there for months. But, you continue paying for your membership even if you don’t use it since you know the cycle will repeat itself and you will at some future point feel motivated to do it again. 

You watch the scale slowly creep up. You are tired of feeling the way you do. That bikini that fit so well a few years ago no longer does, and you just know you wouldn’t wear that in front of people. 

This is the typical gym experience for many. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. At The Squat Academy, we have a better way. 

✳️We keep our group sessions small so you get personal attention from an expert coach (think personal training in a group setting). 

✳️Your coaches know your name and get to know your strengths and weaknesses. 

✳️Our sessions are one-hour long and include proper stretching and cool down to prevent injury, strength training to tone our muscles and help us burn fat, and conditioning work. 

✳️We write fun and engaging workouts so you never have to wonder what to do. 

✳️Our members are friendly, engage with you, and cheer you on.

We provide you with expert nutrition guidance based on your goals. We know proper nutrition is complicated. We make it simple. 

We are not a typical gym. We are a lifestyle and transformation center. Each session will be fun, make you sweat, and make you look forward for more. You will become physically and mentally stronger.  

Unlike that other gym, We give you a plan. We help you execute it. We hold you accountable. We want you to succeed and will use all our expertise to help you get there. 

Now, instead of going to a regular gym, picture this. 

You pull up to The Squat Academy 5 minutes early for the 7:00pm class. You see the coach of the class at the front desk and she greets you by name and signs you into class. 

You walk into our clean and spacious boutique-like space and see 6 ladies in the session, including three you have become friendly with since you are always in the same session together. “That workout last night was intense,” you say to them, and they all agree. You enjoy working out with this crew. They are encouraging and so positive. One of them is your age, one is ten years older than you, and one is fifteen years older.  

You realize you forgot a hair tie. No worries, The Squat Academy has essential supplies available for free just for situations like this on the bathroom vanity.

You feel comfortable wearing anything since you have no worries that teenagers are going to stare at you when you are just trying to get in shape. 

The session starts with an explanation of what you will be doing for the hour. A new member is there for her first session and the coach introduces her to everyone else. 

An expert warmup takes place and then you begin the toning portion of the session with squatting. The coach takes the time to watch and correct each lady’s form. You struggle on your last set, but 5 other ladies cheer you on and you do it! High fives are given all around. 

You then begin a 10 minute workout that includes rowing, lunging, and sit-ups. You all finish together, and when it’s over sit on the floor discussing the worst part of it. Finally, the coach gathers the group together for a quick cooldown.  

Before leaving, you have a question about your post-workout meal that you are unsure of. The coach listens and answers your question, clearing up your confusion.  

You leave, but not before confirming with your workout partners that you will see each other Thursday. 

You get home refreshed and quickly prepare your healthy and nutritious post-workout meal. 

The difference could not be clearer. 

We are so confident that once you try out The Squat Academy you will never want to go back to the old way of doing things that we are offering a 7-Day FREE Membership. This 7-day membership will give you a chance to try us out and experience The Squat Academy difference. 

Imagine training with a purpose and not having to think about what to do next. Imagine having trainers who motivate you and hold you accountable. Imagine having a meal plan that still allows you to eat the foods you love and get in shape without starving yourself. No one wants to eat rice cakes all day or drink shakes all day, and it’s not necessary.  

Imagine feeling confident, empowered, and supported by a community that is cheering for you every step of the way. 

Join us and let us show you The Squat Academy difference. It will transform your life.